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Coming right out of Jane and Mary’s magical ice cream maker, Strawberry Cream CBD Infused Ice Cream is now available for ordering. Recently added to local freezers at some of your favorite CBD shops, their luxurious frozen dessert is a perfect treat for any CBD or cannabis fanatic. I’m excited to try this new line up of products, they are offering their same delicious flavors now infused with CBD and Delta 8. Count on the same high quality taste with alternative dosing options. Great for those cannabis newbies. Not only is Jane and Mary’s absolutely delicious, but it also makes you feel good stemming from their infusion of cannabis. Read more to learn about what Jane and Mary’s Ice Cream can do for you.

The #1 Choice for a Cannabis Infused Food

Jane and Mary's Strawberry Cream cannabis-infused ice creamWhen it comes to cannabis infused foods, Jane and Mary’s is the name to look for. Their award winning ice cream is loved and enjoyed by many, and now with their CBD infusion, you can try it without worrying about any effects from THC. Through their Delta 8 infused products you can enjoy their gourmet ice cream with an added psychoactive effect that will uplift your senses and calm your entire body. Count on their professional infusing process, their emphasis on fresh ingredients, and their focus on excellent service. One taste of Jane and Mary’s and you will see why it is the first choice for many. And you can now find their delicious, gourmet ice cream at a number of local stores.

When speaking about his infused sweet, founder Jason Knight is proud to mention the Kentucky Heritage Hemp CBD farm he works directly with. Emphasizing their credentials, you know immediately that it is a safe and delicious treat for someone who has never tried infused foods. Other flavors include a delectable Mango Sorbet, Cookies and Cream, and a Mint Chocolate Chip, all which can be ordered to be delivered, infused to your door. You can even find Jane and Mary’s at a variety of local events, and associated with a lot of local brands. The ice cream comes in 8oz cups size containers, and they routinely post specials and new locations on their Instagram and their website. Make sure to give them a follow to stay up to date @janeandmarys!

Why Infuse with Cannabis?

CBD is a popular and helpful ingredient, one that they are proud to have as the key ingredient in their ice cream. In maintaining his belief of using the highest quality products, Jane and Mary’s only uses 100% USDA certified organic CBD. Their ice cream goes through an extensive infusion process, where they extract the most powerful components of CBD to be enjoyed in his delicious frozen treat. Knowing Jason and his passion for creating a high quality product, it’s evident in the first spoonful that he has struck gold. Enjoy this infused dessert from a trusted and delicious source, CBD that is organically harvested, professionally infused, and casually eaten in a number of states.

Strawberry CreamClassic Ice Cream Flavors, Infused

Jane and Mary’s has taken the nostalgic flavor of Strawberries and Cream ice cream and completely livened it up. Sticking true to its rich flavor, with each spoonful you will be delighted by the sweet taste of summer strawberries and rich creamy flavor. There is no doubt in the quality of the ingredients they use, and one taste is all it takes to turn you into a fan. Despite this flavor being a classic, and easily found by many brands, only a few, like Jane and Mary’s have gotten it right. This is all and with its 50 mgs of CBD, providing a delicious treat with the healing powers of cannabis. It is their focus to delight your taste buds, and elevate your senses! And with their ever revolving line up of flavors, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your specific craving.

Ice Cream Flavors for Every Sweet Tooth

Some of their most popular flavors include the addicting Cookies and Cream and their delicious Mango Sorbet. But don’t just take their word for it, Jane and Mary’s has been featured by some of your favorite cannabis influencers. They have been featured on podcasts and blogs as their flavors have delighted, and elevated, many. It is easy to see why people trust the Jane and Mary’s brand, Jason is personable and involved. He has strong beliefs in cannabis as a medicine, beliefs that are proudly displayed in the quality of this beloved sweet dessert. It is the type of product that deserves all the praise it has received, including winning the 2020 Illinois CannaCulture Cup for Best Edible. It is no easy feat, and one that they are more than proud to be recognized for.

Deliveries are available upon request, conveniently throughout the Chicagoland area, as they grow and expand to new stores throughout the city, their goal is to be found at all of your local grocery stores, offering their delicious frozen treat to a variety of audiences. They don’t only serve those with experience with cannabis, through their new CBD and Delta 8 infusions, he hopes to bring these benefits to a new audience. Always maintaining their strong belief in using high quality ingredients and maintaining the community they have created. Find them on social media where they share new flavors, delivery options, and events that they take part in. Wherever the discussion of infused foods is taking place, Jane and Mary’s is at the forefront. Try it today.

Stay Tuned for New Flavors from Jane and Mary’s

Jane and Mary's logoJane and Mary’s is taking the infused food industry by storm, positioning itself as a tried and true recipe. Through their extensive research and connections, they hope to one day be found at your favorite grocery store. Follow them on their social media channels and stay up to date on where you can find Jane and Mary’s next, what new flavors you can try, and on how to support Chicago’s favorite infused ice cream brand. Pick up a flavor today and tag them on your post letting Jane and Mary’s know what you thought!